Toys for Tots Literacy Program


Kevin Wilson, Chairman & CEO of Sterling is Working with the US Marines to Strike Against Illiteracy.

Glendale, CA – Sterling and Business Executives from across the nation gathered with US Marines November 29, 2014 for an Annual Benefit Dinner to celebrate Toys for Tots Literacy Program.  This year’s attendees provided over 100,000 books to the Toys for Tots Literacy Program that will go to underprivileged children this Christmas. It represents another major strike in the battle being waged against illiteracy.


Sterling’s Workshops: Real Tools for Your Practice


If I were going to gain insight on how to better manage my practice or business, I would have just three requirements of someone:

1. Does the person making the suggestions have himself or herself a business or practice that would be a model of success, or at least what I would consider successful?

2. Does the person operate on sound principles?

3. Can the person show me how to do it or give it to me in simple enough language where I could easily understand and apply it?


Mission Statement

To provide our clients with proven, lasting management tools and customized, sterling implementation, to build a thriving practice, and truly increase their quality of life.


Company History


Sterling was started in the back office of a dental practice in Vacaville, California, just outside of San Francisco in March 1983. By 1985, the company had grown into a multi-million dollar organization. By July of 1986, Sterling had moved its headquarters to Glendale, California, where the company expanded even more rapidly.

By 1988, Sterling had earned the #45 spot on Inc. magazine’s list of 500 of the fastest-growing, privately-held companies in the U.S. The next year, Sterling made the Inc. 500 list again at #117. This is a feat few companies have ever achieved.



No other consulting company in the world has been as successful as Sterling. Our success is measured by the success of our clients—not just in their practices, but in their personal lives and their community. With restored balance in their lives, our clients have the time and energy to devote to their families, recreation, travel and the pursuit of additional goals and dreams. Many take off weeks and even months at a time while their practices continue to operate smoothly and grow.


Meet Our Consultants

Senior Consultant Group

Our consulting team is composed of 11 exceptional management professionals who are dedicated to your success. Each is a seasoned professional with many years of experience in the veterinary industry.

Senior Consultants


Meet Our Staff


Our staff are seasoned professionals who are passionate about the success of our clients. Several are 10-year and 20-year employees. Each is specially trained in their jobs to deliver superior service to clients.

  Glendale Veterinarian Summit 2016 - Success Stories  

“Excellent information on all aspects of handling practice management. Discussing ideas with other veterinarian professionals was very motivating!” - R.R., DVM

“This summit had so many incredible ideas from everyone! It was great sharing information with other veterinarians! Lots of great take-home points to put into my practice!” - J.C., DVM

“Loved hearing from other veterinarians and how they turned their solo practices around completely!” - B.S., DVM

  How to Increase Profits Through Proper Financial Planning  

This course was a home run for me. The Bean Theory – it fits all aspects in our business. My favorite course so far. - Nicole P., Certified Veterinarian Technician

  Improving Business through Communication  

I am excited to take back to my practice all the new communication skills I’ve learned here. The study course also made me realize all the different ways people can grasp instruction and how to realize and ensure they actually understand in spite of what they say. I think this will also help me at home helping my family improve on communication. - Jolynn C., DVM