No other consulting company in the world has been as successful as Sterling. Our success is measured by the success of our clients—not just in their practices, but in their personal lives and their community. With restored balance in their lives, our clients have the time and energy to devote to their families, recreation, travel and the pursuit of additional goals and dreams. Many take off weeks and even months at a time while their practices continue to operate smoothly and grow.

Sterling’s clients have a passion for helping others. Some of our doctors visit Third World countries regularly with humanitarian organizations to deliver free healthcare to the underprivileged. Others hold positions of influence in professional organizations and local government agencies. Others run charitable programs while others win awards for excellence.

Here are the accomplishments of just a few of our clients:

Dr. Stephen and Dr. Helyne Hamelburg were awarded an Israeli Peace Medal from the State of Israel Bonds Corporation.

Dr. Scott Kamena was elected Director of the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District and is now seeking election to the California State Assembly. Scott also serves on the Board of Directors of the local YMCA.

Dr. Teresa Larkins serves on her local Board of Health and has for many years.

Dr. Michael Walby has been a medical consultant for the State of Florida for 27 years.

Dr. Neil Woods ran a clinic for inner-city residents for many years.

Even more importantly, Sterling clients have time to devote to their families and participate in their children’s lives and activities. They have the chance to see their kids grow up.

Sterling is the most successful company of its kind in the world because our clients are among the most respected and accomplished professionals in the world.