Success Stories

Jim Gill, Veterinarian

Jim Gill, DVM and Staff

“After working as an associate in a multi-doctor practice, I bought a practice of my own from a retiring veterinarian. I went from working in someone else’s practice to owning my own, and being its only doctor. I was completely unprepared for the workload ahead of me.

“I had to perform too many duties myself. Although I had been a swim coach for 110 kids, I had trouble managing 4 staff. I worried that asking too much might result in them leaving so I did a lot of the work myself. Things just got worse.

Jeff Hirsch, DVM

Jeff and Susie Hirsch, DVMs

Susie and I met while attending veterinary school at Colorado State University, and after graduation moved to Phoenix to take over from a retiring doctor. We built an extremely successful practice; it seemed like anything we did made us money. We raised our prices, we charged a fee to become a client, and we just kept getting busier and busier. We could have kept that up forever, but the government had other plans and condemned our property in order to put in a light rail system.

Edward K. Annison, DVM

After five years of working as an associate, my wife and I opened a predominantly small-animal practice in Zachary, Louisiana, a town of 11,000 just north of Baton Rouge. Although I was a competent doctor, I had never been trained to run an office. It turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. The place was hectic, disorganized and I was constantly having to calm down the staff upsets so we could get some work done. My family life suffered because I always had to be at the office to keep things under control, and when I did come home I would bring the stress and worries home with me.

James R. Speiser DVM

James R. Speiser DVM

Twenty years ago I was a young veterinarian with all the hopes and dreams of a new business owner. After being in practice for 9 years, I was working 6 days a week and was not making much money for all the effort I was putting in. I did not enjoy the thought of going to work, and felt I was slowly dying and I knew it.  

  Glendale Veterinarian Summit 2016 - Success Stories  

“Excellent information on all aspects of handling practice management. Discussing ideas with other veterinarian professionals was very motivating!” - R.R., DVM

“This summit had so many incredible ideas from everyone! It was great sharing information with other veterinarians! Lots of great take-home points to put into my practice!” - J.C., DVM

“Loved hearing from other veterinarians and how they turned their solo practices around completely!” - B.S., DVM

  How to Increase Profits Through Proper Financial Planning  

This course was a home run for me. The Bean Theory – it fits all aspects in our business. My favorite course so far. - Nicole P., Certified Veterinarian Technician

  Improving Business through Communication  

I am excited to take back to my practice all the new communication skills I’ve learned here. The study course also made me realize all the different ways people can grasp instruction and how to realize and ensure they actually understand in spite of what they say. I think this will also help me at home helping my family improve on communication. - Jolynn C., DVM